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Radiocarbon analysis by Allameh Tabatabai University has proven the background of the graves to be more than 3,800 years old. A museum of those excavations including the Blue Mosque was opened to the public in 2006. Tabriz was chosen as the capital by a quantity of rulers commencing from the time of Atropates. During the Ghazan Khan period, who came into energy in 1295, the town reached its highest splendour.

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At the final year of the World War II despite the declaration of the neutrality by the Iranian authorities, the country was occupied by the allied forces. The allied forces then urged Reza Shah to abdicate and put in his son Mohammad Reza as the model new king of the nation. The postwar situation was additional difficult by Soviet help to arrange a neighborhood authorities referred to as Azerbaijan People’s Government in Northwest Iran, having Tabriz as its capital.

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