5 Most Expensive Presidential Aircraft in the World

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5 Most Expensive Presidential Aircraft in the World. These are the five most expensive and most grand Presidential aircraft in the world.
As one of the modes of transportation, aircraft, and Land Rover Evoque Used Cars are also needed to support the mobility of the head of state.

Well, in this article we will show you the 5 most expensive Presidential Airplanes in the world.
Aircraft, and Land Rover Evoque Used Cars as a mode of transportation that is urgent, needed.
Now humans are going through the era of globalization whose influence has covered various aspects of life

5 Most Expensive Presidential Aircraft in the World

Not just a matter of communication and digitalization, but also transportation.
Displacement and the flow of urbanization of society are not only talking between villages, between cities.

Between provinces but between countries as well as between continents.

The world community is increasingly connected and distance is no longer a barrier.
Now looking at the phenomenon above, of course, the transportation aspect has a very important role.

And one mode of transportation that can meet it is the plane.
This means of air transportation, increasingly showing its vital role in human life.

Aircraft can meet human needs to be able to reach distant locations with a shorter time.
Of course, this will affect various aspects of life, starting from the economic, social, and many other aspects.
On the other hand, aircraft is not just a mode of transportation that meets the needs of ordinary people.

But the plane also transformed as a mode of transportation that is very important for the needs of a country.

Especially in this case relating to state leaders or we often call the President.
There are a lot of political activities, international, bilateral relations, etc.

That requires Presidents to travel long distances to different countries.
The aircraft has become one of the important modes of transportation to meet all these needs and mobility.
So that many countries specifically budgeted to provide special aircraft for the head of a state’s trip, including Indonesia.
But now, the issue of the plane is not just a means of transportation, but a prestige, a symbol, to determine the status of a country.
And all of that is implemented through planes that are not only able to fly but are followed by sophistication and luxury.

5 Most Expensive Presidential Aircraft in the World

Of course, these planes have very fantastic prices.

Now in this article, we will invite you to get acquainted with the 5 most expensive Presidential Airplanes in the world.

Intrigued by these planes? Without lingering, let’s discuss one by one.

#5 Boeing 747SP Yemen Presidential Aircraft

Starting from the fifth place occupied by Presidential Aircraft from one of the Arabian peninsula countries, Yemen.

Indeed, we know that the condition of the country of Yemen is currently being overcome by regional conflicts.
But this did not affect them to have a Presidential Airplane at a fantastic price.
Yemen uses aircraft from aircraft manufacturers from the United States, Boeing with type 747SP.

Now just to bring it, the country must pour money worth the US $ 300 million.
The nominal value is IDR 4.3 trillion, which is quite fantastic.
Unfortunately, a thousand dear, because Yemen is facing a conflict that ends in war, this aircraft suffered considerable damage in 2015.

#4 Air Force One US Presidential Aircraft

Next in the fourth position, who doesn’t know this plane?

One of the legendary planes that many people talk about.
In fact, this aircraft has been used as one of the most successful action movie titles.
Yes, this aircraft is Air Force One as the most reliable mode of transportation to take the President of the United States.

It’s no secret that Air Force One is the safest aircraft in the world.
Inside it is certainly equipped with technologies and very sophisticated security devices. Not only that.

But the sophistication is also intended to meet the various needs of the President.
Air Force One is also equipped with various other facilities such as the President’s bedroom, conference room, to his desk.
This aircraft is based on Boeing VC-25 with a capacity of up to 100 people and is capable of traveling up to 13 thousand kilometers.
The sophistication and luxury of Air Force One are equivalent to the US $ 325 million or if valued at Rp4.65 trillion.

#3 Air Zimbabwe Boeing 767 Presidential Aircraft

Zimbabwe is one of the developing countries in Africa. But now the country’s situation is shrouded in concern.
The miserable condition of its people is very contrary to the condition of its leader, which is filled with luxury and a lot of wealth.
And one of the decisions which were very controversial and drew criticism for the former president at the time.

Robert Mugabe was the matter of procuring presidential aircraft.
In the midst of the country’s concerned condition, Mugabe instead made a policy of procuring luxurious presidential aircraft.
Even ironically the aircraft is fantastic and as one of the most expensive presidential aircraft in the world.
Just imagine, the country had to pour in money of US $ 400 million or Rp5.75 trillion rupiah.
Can you imagine a country that is in poor condition actually buying more expensive aircraft from Air Force One?

#2 Boeing 747 Saudi Arabia Presidential Aircraft

What do you think when you hear about Saudi Arabia. Kingdom with all the luxury in it? If you think about it, then it’s not at all wrong.
Luxury is very close to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Starting from a residence, a vehicle, and so on.

And luxury is also implemented on his presidential plane.
As one of the main modes of transportation for the king, the Saudis provide super luxurious aircraft.

Just imagine, in some parts of the plane, it is coated with gold, amazing !!
No wonder this aircraft is also dubbed the “Palace of flying”. Even this aircraft is very fantastic.

Which is equivalent to the US $ 520 million, or if converted to a value of Rp. 7.45 trillion.

#1 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, Mexico

And here we come to the record holder for the most expensive presidential plane in the world.
Unexpectedly, it turned out that it was not one of the big countries in Europe or a wealthy country from the Arabian peninsula.

But one of the countries in the Central American region.
The presidential plane belongs to the state of Mexico. Certainly very surprising considering the status of Mexico as a developing country.
This aircraft was first used when the tenure of Former President Enrique Pena Nieto, even became his favorite aircraft.
How not, the Mexican state has to pay the US $ 600 million or Rp860 trillion, which is fantastic right?

So what are the advantages of this plane?
First the capacity of the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner that can accommodate 250 passengers at a time. Second, the aircraft is capable of flying at speeds of 1600 km/hour.

Presidential Aircraft in the World

And the third, using this aircraft, will allow direct flights from the West Coast of America to East Asia without having to stop.
But now, the plane has been sold by another Mexican President.

Namely, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to finance the enforcement of migration with the United States.
Presidential Aircraft, Not Just Magnificent and Expensive Issues, But Their Purpose.
Most importantly, of course, the function of the presidential plane is to help mobility for the head of state carry out tasks related to the interests of his country.
Including traveling to other countries. So that the problem of luxury, sophistication, as well as fantastic prices.

Is meaningless if it does not represent the interests and aspirations of its people.
So that with the presence of the presidential plane.

It is hoped that the work of the President will be more effective and have a positive impact on the interests of the country.
So those are the five most expensive presidential aircraft in the world …
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