7 Pieces of Essential Camping Equipment

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7 Pieces of Essential Camping Equipment. Camping is one of the activities to get to know nature, but when you do it you need to prepare a few things to stay safe. One of the mountains for camping.
Spending a year-end vacation camping is the dream of some people, especially climbers. Passing the turn of the year at the top of the mountain with a charming natural dish, awaited.
Camping is one of the exciting natural activities, although it requires more effort, it is always targeted when the long holiday arrives.
Well, climbers must prepare some equipment in advance, so that no obstacles are encountered when climbing.

7 Pieces of Essential Camping Equipment
Camping Blankets

7 Pieces of Essential Camping Equipment

The following is a summary of some camping equipment that must be carried.

  1. Tents.
    Tents have a variety of types, but what is more attractive to many people is the type of dome. Because it is easy to set up and easy to carry anywhere.
    Also, don’t forget to check the completeness of the tent yourself, such as the number of pins, poles or frames.
    Make sure it’s right because the tent won’t be able to stand without these two tools.
    If you have never set up a tent, try to learn it or invite friends who understand how to install and dismantle.
  2. Mattress.
    For the sake of adding comfort when camping, it is recommended to bring a mattress.
    This tool is very useful both inside the tent as well as outside the tent.
    Mattresses have several types, such as folding mattresses, air-filled mattresses, and ordinary mattresses.
    How to use it, simply by deploying it before coated with a sleeping bag.
  3. Camping Blankets.
    This tool must also be carried when camping anywhere and anytime.
    Many functions that camping blankets have, such as blocking cold temperatures so that sleep feels more comfortable.
  4. Cookware and Food Ingredients.
    This tool is also very mandatory to carry when camping or camping.
    There are two types of portable cooking utensils that can be chosen while away, namely nesting, or Trangia.
    The difference is only in the fuel if nesting using a stove with mini gas and Trangia using methyl.
    Don’t forget to bring other cutlery such as plates, cups, spoons, forks, multipurpose knives, and matches.
    In addition, what is certain is to bring whatever food ingredients you want to cook when camping. If you do not want to bother, it is recommended to bring instant noodles and snacks.
  5. Raincoat.
    Raincoats are needed when camping or camping especially if in the wild. Many types of raincoats and can be obtained at affordable prices.
    Put your raincoat in an easily accessible place, because rain is unpredictable when it comes. So no need to bother looking for it when it rains.
  6. Flashlight or Headlamp.
    This tool is also recommended to bring because a flashlight from a cellphone alone is not enough to light the outdoors.
    It is recommended to bring an original flashlight or headlamp to facilitate activities when in the dark while camping.
    Do not forget to bring a spare battery, in the wild when camping certainly there is no electricity that is easily accessible.
  7. Trashbag.
    When camping or camping anywhere especially in the wild don’t forget to bring a trash bag or a large plastic bag.
    Although no one reprimands, at least they must have self-awareness in maintaining environmental cleanliness.
    Make sure that when leaving the camping site, there is no iota of litter left.