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Then safe the new antenna to the pillar utilizing the screws supplied. If raindrops keep falling in your head, it’s in all probability because your sunroof drains are clogged. That’s one thing you probably can fix your self in just some minutes. Open the sunroof and look for drain holes in the front and rear corners of your sunroof. Once you locate the drains, duct tape a small rubber or plastic tube to the tip of your store vacuum and suck out any debris caught in the drains. Then dribble water into each drain and verify beneath the car to see if it is draining onto your driveway or storage ground.

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Know what to do if any of these warning lights come on in your car. If the door squeaks each time you open it, the hinges could presumably be certain by corrosion. If so, squirt the hinges with WD-40 to free them, and move the door a number of occasions to work in the lubricant.

Car Repairs And Maintenance Tasks Don’t All The Time Need To Be Done Within The Store You Presumably Can Easily Do These In Your Own Storage

Just unscrew the remaing portion of the mast and purchase a alternative mast at any auto parts retailer. Replacing a pillar mount antenna is a little more concerned but remains to be a DIY fix. Disconnect the antenna cable from your radio and connect heavy string to the end. Then unscrew the antenna mount from the pillar and pull the old antenna and the string straight out. Attach the new antenna cable to the string, pull the cable again into the automobile and join it to your radio.

That’s why all newer autos include a Tire Pressure Monitoring System . Turn alerts and intermittent wiper controls are the most common failures on the multifunction switch in late-model vehicles. Save cash by doing the repair yourself—it’s not as sophisticated as it looks.

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