In addition, if your ETIAS is approved, but you’re later discovered with incorrect or false information, your ETIAS will be revoked. There are international locations within the EU, which aren’t within the Schengen Zone, and you can’t enter them with the ETIAS authorization. However, just because you’ve the ETIAS doesn’t essentially assure you entry into the EU nations. This is on the discretion of the border authorities.

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Nationals of visa liberalisation international locations will proceed to journey to the EU without a visa however will merely be required to obtain a journey authorisation via ETIAS prior to their journey. You will not be able to enter the US with an ETIAS, just the identical as an ESTA holder just isn’t permitted to enter the EU with out having an ETIAS or Schengen Visa. US citizens, that are permitted to enter Europe visa-free, ranging from May 2023, should get hold of an ETIAS previous to their trip to the Schengen Zone. UK residents who’re passport holders of one of the countries with which the EU has a visa regime in place aren’t eligible to apply for an ETIAS regardless of their residency in Britain. They will as a substitute have to apply for a daily Schengen visa. All UK nationals might need to apply for ETIAS travel authorization by May 2023 when the scheme becomes totally operational.

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