What Are Backlinking? And Why Are They Important?

Hyperlinks appear everywhere online. But how did they get there?

This guide is a concise explanation of the technical jargon that surrounds SEO services in details. It explains why Google closely examines them and how a thoughtful approach to link-building can help increase your online visibility.

What Is The Backlink?

A backlink is a link from one page on a website to another. A backlink is also known as an Inbound Link. It can link to your site from any website, be it a news site, blog, online directory, or paid sponsorship.

You can see the links to your site if you know How to run link reports in Google Search Console.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Each backlink is an external vote to show confidence in a page’s quality. They:

Help search engines determine the worth of a page, and how to rank it within search results

Refer others to your site.

Search engines will find and index pages faster if you help them.

A website’s portfolio of backlinks is an indicator of how authoritative other websites consider it. Google includes backlinks profile monitoring services in its algorithm.

Backlinks do not always have to be excellent. Quality backlinks originated from reputable websites, and are topically pertinent. Trust and authority are built with natural, topically relevant backlinks.

5 Important Benefits Of Having Backlinks

Reviewing your backlink profile and determining the quality of referring domains is a tedious task. However, it is well worth it.

1. Optimize Ranking In SERPS

Search engines continuously collect information and rank web pages according to their position in search results. Your pages are more visible when they have more backlinks. They also get more organic traffic.

2. Help Google Find Other Pages

Similar to how search engine bots find new sites by clicking links, they follow outbound URLs to discover pages they haven’t indexed yet.

The crawling process uses pages that have been indexed in the past. Therefore, if you just launched a brand new page, backlinks to existing sites can help Google find your page faster.

3. Credibility Booster

Search engines look at domains they believe to be trustworthy. Google stamps approval on a site before it sends visitors to yours. Google is often impressed by these well-earned links.

4. Referral Traffic

A backlink from a well-chosen, relevant site will not only boost traffic but can also direct qualified leads to your website’s conversion points. Assuming your referring site has a readership that is compatible with yours, you are bringing qualified prospects into your sales pipeline so that your conversion techniques can kick-off.

5. SEO Improves ROI

Backlinks building services is a part of an overall SEO strategy. It helps support content creation. Even better, backlinks can last longer than email marketing campaigns or advertisements. Backlinks stay on the domain they were placed in and will continue to work for your site even after their placement.

An Example Of Backlink ROI

This is a screenshot we took from a SaaS SEO campaign that was run for a client.

Victorious carried out a technical review of Victorious’s website. This resulted in an increase of 250 positions in search results for a particular set of thematic keywords. Our customer decided that link building should be stopped for some time.

Without page authority signals to supplement the on-page optimization the rankings gained stagnated. Rankings started to decline towards the tail end of January.

Google had already declared the site authoritative. However, Google’s algorithm was watching for backlinks from other sites to verify that they too considered the site trustworthy. Google did not have those backlinks and questioned the website’s reliability.

In February, we received permission to start building links for target pages. The site started to climb up the rankings immediately after the incoming hyperlinks were live. Google identified these links as external validation of a website’s authority.

After 16 months worth of link building, the customer saw:

  • 106% increase in overall rankings keywords
  • 171% year-over-year growth of organic sessions for targeted land pages
  • SEO spending yields a 5 to 1 return on investment

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