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Masks made out of cotton, cloth, or other materials will not be allowed. Please note that the definition of “being totally vaccinated” could vary from country to country. It is at all times a good idea to check whether or not you meet the particular requirements acknowledged by the vacation spot country. I know its the Ministry of Health’s decision, however when will US residents be in a position to use their CDC vaccination card for flights and hotels?

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I am a Canadian vacationer to Portugal and I perceive that lots of my Canadian household and friends who have booked locations in Portugal have had to cancel because of the new rules that got here into impact ninth February 2022. I do not perceive why Canadians who are vaccinated to a degree of 90% are not allowed to return in until it’s important travel. However Brazil, USA and UK who’ve far worse covid data than Canada are allowed in. Fingers crossed that feb 28th this canada can’t enter portugal restriction will get lifted up..

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Could you be so type to let me know if the cerificate of vaccination is enouth t otravel to Portugal from Spain by bus or the take a look at is required also? And what location formshould be crammed in this case, as a outcome of all available varieties are created for the travels by air? I too have the same question as Alberto regarding the definition of “laboratorial” fast antigen test and acceptance of rapid antigen tests carried out in pharmacies. So using the useful resource posted by Maiia Sleptcova, it appears that speedy antigen check acceptance is regulated via a “frequent list” of speedy checks recognized as acceptable by the EU. I checked with the pharmacy I am planning to make use of for the Rapid Antigen Test and asked them the name of the manufacturer for the test they use.

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