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Makeup sponges can be utilized to apply foundation, mix concealer, and apply powder or highlighter. A blush brush is available in all sizes and shapes and is used to use blush, permitting the blush to look pure while giving a flush of shade. Styling products include gels, waxes, foams, creams, mousse, serum and pomades; they are used to create and maintain hairstyles. Mascara is used to darken, lengthen, thicken, or improve the eyelashes through using a sometimes thick, cream consistency product utilized with a spiral bristle mascara brush.

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The makeup team warned all the actors to leave their skin as is whereas filming. “For the opposite ladies who had a wig, theirs would take about two hours to create after which half an hour to an hour to apply.” “I at all times had some kind of face massage with us like beauty rollers or gua sha.But I’m also old-fashioned, I really like to do it with my palms because then I can really feel what’s taking place ,” she said. The wedding ceremony scene in Season 2 created a few particular makeup challenges for Erika and her team. Erika mentioned layering the makeup was also key to not having make-up look too heavy. “It’s simpler to layer the make-up because the day goes on or because the lighting within the scene modifications, rather than applying a ton of make-up upfront,” she mentioned.

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